About Our Films

Preserve the look or restore a damaged surface by adding a protective layer of film.

What is paint protection film?

Paint protection films are clear or colored polyurethane films that are applied to vehicles to protect them from scratches, dents, or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings, and environmental elements.


Constructed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers, xpel ultimate plus’ special clear coat not only prevents the film from discoloring but also heals itself.


Built with the same elite self-healing and protective features as our xpel ultimate film, xpel stealth comes in a satin finish that preserves matte paint in it showroom condition.

Technical Specifications

PPF Kits

What Our Kits Cover

Door Dent Prevention

Includes door panel and door handle coverage.

Rocker Panel Protection

Includes full rocker panel area coverage.

Headlamp Protection

Includes full headlamp and fog lights coverage.

Rear Wheel Impact Protection

Includes rear wheel impact area coverage.

Interior Protection

Includes center console coverage, center display screen protector, and door trim coverage.

Front Windscreen Protection

Film features high clarity, UV rejection, glare rejection, heat rejection, and impact resistance.

Ultimate Protection

Full Coverage

Full Wrap

Includes coverage of all exterior painted surfaces including headlight and fog lights. Full packages offer the most protection possible with a combination of pre-cut and custom cut film to ensure a seamless installation.